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🧚Greetings Witches, Wizards and fellow fantasy fans!🧚

My name's Alice, I made this website because I love daydreaming, nature, reading, tarot and astrology. Think of this place as an online cauldron for all things witchy and fantastical! I am adding tools to this site all the time and I'm learning to code as I go so please bear with me...

On here I have create a one card "Yes or No" Tarot Reader, a fun tool to help you gain insights and reflect on issues that are weighing your mind right now. Alongside this I have a guide to all 22 cards in the Major Arcana so you can also learn more about tarot cards and their meanings. I have also complied a big database of different imaginary names, from off the web, from book inspiration and from my own imagination. I have also made a number of other tools to inspire you creatively, have a gander at my Fantasy Prompts Generator, which helps you find inspiration for new story plotlines, my Ship Name Generator if you want to try merging a couple of names together, and my (super simple) randomised Yes or No Button which you could use for playing games or making descisions... (hopefully not too important, it's random!)

I am adding to this site all the time, and if you have any suggestions I would love to know! Please drop me a line here or contact me through my instagram, I would love to hear your thoughts. Also if there is a name category or tarot card you would like to see but you can't find it on this site, please tell me about it and I will do my best to add it asap :)

Alice x

(*aka Gruzul the Muddleheaded)