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Click below to get inspired with some fearsome and fun male and female Orc names for your next D&D game or whatever fantasy world you want to create...

Ug! Ug!

Are you a fan of mud and Mordor? You're in the right place my brutish friend!

My Orc name generator offers a wealth of options to create formidable and commanding names for your Orc lord characters, whether male or female, blending the ferocity of Orcish culture with the grandeur and mystique of high fantasy Some of the names are terrifying, others are more tongue in cheek, depending on the route you want to go down for your character.

Each name reflects the raw strength, and cunning nature that define the Orcish race. From guttural, fearsome names that resonate with the echoes of battles fought to majestic titles that command respect and loyalty, our generator provides a diverse range of options to suit your desired Orc persona.

Forge your path as a legendary Orc lord, leading hordes of warriors into the fray, or ruling with an iron fist over vast realms of darkness. The names generated by our Orc Lord Name Generator will help you establish a fearsome reputation and leave a lasting impact on the realms of fantasy. So, sharpen your axe, don your armor, and prepare to claim your rightful place among the mightiest Orc lords that the realms have ever known!

Hello, my name is Alice, and I created this website to help you find unique and magical names.
Yes, I know it looks like it's 20 years old... I promise what I lack in programming skills I make up for in a love of all things fantasy! Please contact me here with any questions or name suggestions, I would love to hear from you!