Ship Name Generator

Are you ready to get Brangelina-ed?!
Enter the two names you'd like to merge in the text boxes below, then click "Merge!" to find your couple ship name.


What is a ship name?

A ship name is a name created by blending two names together - the most famous example of this in celebrity culture would be Brangenina (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie), Bennifer (Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck) or Kimye (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West).

A ship name is a quick, cute and fun way to refer to two people as a couple, so why not create one yourself and find out what your name would sound like if merged with your partner's?!

How to use this ship name generator:

  1. Well, first of all, you need to decide which two names you want to merge together! Is it your name and your boyfriend/girlfriend, friend, partner or pet?! Or would you like to merge together two of your favourite movie or book characters? Or perhaps merge together two surnames? You decide!
  2. Type your two names into each of the boxes above - make sure not to leave a space after the names (otherwise this will be included in your ship name)
  3. Click the "Merge!" button.
  4. Check out your unique new ship name! If you don’t like it, no worries, just click merge again and you will get a different result :)

What else can I use this Ship Name Generator for?

You can use this ship name maker to merge together your name and your partner, friend, or even your pet's name, and create a blended name that people can use to refer to you as a couple.

You can also use this name to merge together other names, perhaps you are trying to come up with a baby name and are torn between two names for your child, why not see what they sound like merged together?!

My couple ship name generator is also useful for giving you ideas if you are getting married and want to create a new surname as a couple that represents your union and a unique blending of your two families and heritages. You can also use if if you want to create a surname name for you child - rather than having a long hyphenated surname, try merging your partners surname with yours and viola, you have a unique new surname that represents a combination of both of your identities!

How the ship name generator works:

This ship name generator takes a random suffix from your name and merges it with your partner's prefix (or vice versa), the result is always random so you might have to click a few times to get a result your happy with! Have fun and try out lots of different options. I hope you enjoy playing around with it and please share it with your friends if you do :)

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