Yes No Button

Click the button below
to generate a random Yes or No answer:


Got a burning question you need a yes or no answer to?
Consult the oracle of randomness!

Should I eat another slice of cake?

Should I wear that hat?

Should I fly that hot air balloon across the Atlantic?

I get it, sometimes decisions are hard. If you are feeling indecisive and you have a burning question you need a yes or no answer to, feel free to use this button for a completely random result. I have also included an optional 'maybe' if you want to leave things a bit more open.

Consult this oracle of wisdom and randomness today and find your answer!

How to use this yes no button:

  1. First, think of the question you want an answer to.

  2. Press the yellow circle above, it will flip like a coin and reveal a random “Yes” or “No” answer on the back. It will also change colour to either green or red depending on the answer.

  3. If you also want to include “Maybe” click the “include maybe” box underneath the generator.

  4. If you want to flip again, simply press the button again! Its very simple :)

Is this yes no generator completely random?

Yes, we have programmed this tool to be completely random, you have a 50% chance of getting a yes or no answer (33.33333% when you include the “maybe” option too)

What can I use a random yes or no generator for?

This Yes No button can be used for a variety of purposes, whether you are looking for a tool to help you make a decision, playing a game, creative writing, or even conducting randomized testing. Have a look at some of its uses: