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How to use this online Oracle:

  1. First things first: think of the question you would like an answer to.

  2. Type you question into the purple box above, click the "Ask" button

  3. The oracle will then respond to your question with a yes, no, or maybe answer.

  4. If you want to ask the oracle another question, simply click on the “Ask another question...” button which will reload the page so you can have another go :)

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What is an oracle?

Oracles and crystal balls are divination tools that have been used by people for thousands of years to ask questions, find guidance, predict the future and meditate on past and present events in our love lives, careers, and relationships.

The word oracle has its roots in the Latin word “ōrāre”, which means "to speak”. Using an oracle can help you gain wisdom and insight into your feelings and current concerns, or in other words, “speak” to yourself about how you feel.

Where do oracles come from?

Across our history, we have looked to forms of oracles to gain wisdom, insight and predictions on love, life, past and future events. This interest in divination and the occult transcends borders and civilisations. For example, in ancient Celtic culture Druids (ancient priests) predicted the future, while ancient China developed the "I Ching”, a text which uses hexagrams to provide guidance and help with decision making.

In the myths of the ancient Greeks, an oracle was not an object like a crystal ball but a person. This wise priest or priestess served as a medium between mortals and gods. The most famous example of this is Pythia, known of as the oracle of Delphi, she was the conduit for the messages of the god Apollo and was described as one of the most powerful women in the classical world. In the Igbo culture of Nigeria in West Africa, priestesses are also seen of as oracles, being able to communicate with the gods to deliver prophecies and wisdom.

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Crystal Balls are another type of oracle used to make predictions. One of the first mentions of crystal balls being used for divination comes form the 5th century Rome, when the christian church banned their use due to their associations with magic. The use of crystal balls is often associated with Romani culture, in which fortune tellers, called “drabardi” use it along with cards to predict the future.

Why use an oracle?

Oracles can be a useful tool to help you think about what is going on in your life. They can help you understand yourself, delve deep into your subconscious, question how you think about things and meditate on your current concerns.

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While Oracles can be a useful tool to help you express your hopes and worries, remember oracles are not scientific. The results of this online oracle (along with all oracles) should never taken as facts or the absolute truth. Please just use this tool for fun and to mediate on topics you are thinking about, it is not made to be used for big life decisions.

If you are struggling with your mental health, please check out these charities who can offer support: United States: NAMI , United Kingdom: MIND, Canada: CMHA, Australia: SANE, Ireland: Mental Health Ireland.

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