Birth Flowers - A Guide

Here’s a handy month by month guide to all the birth flowers.
Simply click on a month to find out more about your birth flowers and its cultural significance...

What are Birth Flowers?

Birth flowers are plants and flowers that are historically and culturally associated with a certain month of the year. This is often due to their blooming around this particular month (usually in the northern hemisphere). Over hundreds, sometimes thousands of years, different cultures have taken the unique qualities of these flowers and linked them to the those born at the same time of year, in a kind of extension of the zodiac, with the idea that people born under certain flowers will have a specific set of personality traits.

For as long as there have been flowers and humans to enjoy them, we have come up with meanings and myths behind these blooms. Birth flowers carry special significance in different countries, for example the marigold, the birth flower of October, is very important to both Mexican and Indian cultures and represents themes of life, death and joy. While the snowdrop, January’s birth flower, is particularly associated with Celtic folklore and Greek mythologies, such as the return of the goddess Persephone from the underworld and the spring equinox. The Victorians used flowers to convert secret meanings and Korean culture went one step further and created a specific birth flower for every day of the year!

As I am particularly interested in folklore, myths and legends I have focused a lot on these themes in my guide, which explores each birth flower’s significance month by month along with some interesting fun facts, folk uses and legends surrounding every beautiful bloom. For each month I have included at least 2 birth flowers connected to it, as well as a bunch of illustrations and line drawings at the bottom of the page in case you are looking for some tattoo or art inspiration!

What’s my Birth Flower?

If you would like to find your specific birth flower I have made this fun tool for you to find your unique birth flower, it tells you its specific meaning in relation to your personality. Try it out and find your unique bloom, and if you like it please share it with your friends!

Once you know your birth flower and the birth flowers of your loved ones it could be really cool to give these flowers as gifts, either in the form of a bouquet or other birth flower themed gift, perhaps a little painting, embroidery or jewellery design? You could even take it one step further and get your birth flower as a tattoo! I’ve made sure to include lots of line drawings on my site which I hope you can use to inspire you ;)

Thanks for visiting my little website, I really appreciate your support. I hope you have lots of fun learning about your birth flower(s)!
Alice :)