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Ask the pendulum a question and recieve a Yes, No or Maybe answer:

Thanks for visiting my page, I hope you find this tool useful. Please remember this pendulum for recreational use only, it is designed to be used just for fun and meditation and not for making big life decisions. If you are struggling with your mental health, please check out these charities who can offer support: United States: NAMI , United Kingdom: MIND, Canada: CMHA, Australia: SANE, Ireland: Mental Health Ireland.


This easy to use online pendulum will give you a Yes, No or Maybe answer to any question that you want answered. To use it, simply enter your question into the purple question box, press enter and see what the pendulum says.

What are divination pendulums?

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The use of pendulums in divination is a spiritual practice that goes back to ancient times when ancient greeks and romans used them to predict the future. To this day, many people believe that the movements of pendulums are influenced by spiritual energies and use them as tools to help to answer life’s questions, access hidden intuitions and learn more about their subconscious minds.

Traditional physical pendulums are made using a small heavy object attached to a chain or chord. Pendulums can be made out of many materials, including: crystals or gemstones such as rose quartz, obsidian or amethyst, materials such as glass, wood or precious metals such as copper, silver or gold.

How do I use a pendulum?

To use the pendulum, the pendulum diviner (or “dowser”) holds their pendulum by its chord so that it swings, and starts by asking the pendulum a series of questions they already know the answer to. An alternative to this is that they ask the pendulum to show them what ‘yes’ and ‘no’ look like. This way the dowser can calibrate their pendulum's movements and establish that it is working and ready to receive and answer their questions.

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How do I read a pendulum's answer?

Each pendulum diviner will read their pendulum’s answer in a their own personal way; some of the most common movements observed are swinging back and forth, moving in a circular motion (clockwise or anticlockwise), or when the pendulum favours a particular direction over another.

For example, a circular clockwise motion could indicate a “yes”, swinging back and forth could indicate “no”. How you interpret you pendulums movements all depends on your own personal preference and intuition, there is no right or wrong way to do it.

How does this online pendulum work?

Along the same lines as physical pendulums, online pendulums can be used as a fun tool to help you meditate on specific questions, explore your inner feelings and create discussion, whether internal or external, about issues that are weighing on you mind.

This online Yes or No pendulum offers a random answer to your questions and therefore is meant to be used recreationally and to gain clairty on certain subjects. It does not replace the physical process of using a real pendulum which is much more personalised and tailored to your own feelings and energies. Please therefore use this pendulum just for fun and meditation and not for any major life decisions.

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If you have enjoyed using this pendulum I recommend you buy a physical one to try out the process yourself, or better, have a go at making a pendulum yourself to make the ritual even more personalised to you.

If you are looking for any more Yes No divination tools, please have a look at my one card Yes or No tarot reader which offers you simple and straightforward answers to your questions using the wisdom of tarot, along with detailed explanations of each card’s significance.

Thanks for using my pendulum and I hope it is helpful to you

Alice :)