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Hello koobiges and koliflors!

Welcome to my green fingered Saiyan Name Generator!

Did you know the word Saiyan itself is a play on the word yasai, which is the Japanese word for vegetable? No wonder these names all have a distinctive veggie vibe :)

In the world of Dragon Ball and the Saiyan race, names hold special significance. Saiyan names often incorporate the names of various fruits and vegetables either in Japanese or English, adding a sweet layer of symbolism and connection to the natural world.

Saiyans have always had a strong connection with their home planet, Planet Vegeta. It was a place filled with vibrant landscapes, juicy fruits, and leafy greens that fuelled their energy. So, naturally, their naming tradition evolved to incorporate the flavours of nature. By mixing the goodness of fruits and veggies into their names, Saiyans show their love for that natural world. Think of it as like a Saiyan word salad!

To add a bit of variation in the generator I have also included some Spanish inspired fruit names mixed in with English and Japanese. As the names are all versions of vegetables I've left it gender neutral. Remember if you don't like the name you have, you can always click again to find another result!