The Devil
Yes or No Tarot Card Meaning


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The Devil Upright

Meaning: YES

Liberation, Awareness, Empowerment

"Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions."
― Albert Einstein

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What is the meaning of the Devil tarot card?

The Devil card comes up when you are entering a time of opportunity, liberation and personal growth.

This card signifies a time of deep self-awareness and the potential to break free from limiting beliefs or unhealthy attachments.

Through confronting your past fears and negative experiences, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself. The Devil card invites you to shine a light on the areas of your life where you feel trapped or restricted. By acknowledging and accepting these aspects, you will empower yourself to make positive changes and break free from self-imposed limitations.

Connect with your inner strength and reclaim your personal power with confidence and clarity.

Recognise your inner strength and resourcefulness and you will be able to overcome any challenges that come your way.

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Love and Relationships

The Devil card is all about empowerment! Whether you are in a relationship or not, enjoy your independence, be open to new experiences and feel confident in who you are.

If you are dating, just be yourself and let you true nature shine, show off how independent you are to potential partners, approach meeting new people in the most authentic way possible. Be confident in your needs, ask for what you want, be playful and open to new discoveries. Look beyond online dating, try chatting to someone you like in a coffee shop, see what happens! Celebrate your independent spirit, it really suits you!

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The Devil Reversed

Meaning: NO

Fear of Change, Negative Patterns

“Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final.”
- Rainer Maria Rilke

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What is the meaning of the reversed Devil tarot card?

The reversed Devil card signifies a time in your life when you feel stuck in unhealthy patterns, addictions, or limiting beliefs.

Shine a light on any destructive habits or attachments that are keeping you feeling low and trapped in this cycle. Whether it is toxic relationships, substance abuse, unhealthy lifestyle patterns or negative thoughts, the Devil card urges you to confront these issues head on and work release yourself from their clutches.

Take responsibility for your actions and choices that got you to this place, but also reach out to other for support to help you overcome these challenges. This card also encourages you to free yourself from society’s pressures to be perfect, it’s holding you back from your own personal growth. Don't worry so much about the lives others are presenting to you, whether in life or on Instagram, or feel pressure to measure up to an idea of 'perfection'. We are all going through our own struggles and the more you are open about them the more you are able to work through them.

However difficult the road ahead seems, you have the ability to overcome these difficulties and find happiness on the other side.

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Love and Relationships

If you are in a relationship the reversed Devil card asks you to look deep down for any toxic patterns which are affecting your happiness. Take control of your emotions and be aware of what (and who!) is triggering them. Try and avoid succumbing to jealousy or possessiveness over your partner, or misdirecting your anger at the wrong sources. Be open with your partner (and yourself) about how you are feeling right now. Focus on building trust and communication in your relationship.

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Career and Finance

The reversed Devil card tells you to break free from limiting beliefs in your career too. Maybe you have a job that is bringing you down, or a boss who doesn’t appreciate you. This understandably may make you feel unconfident and worn down. Don’t let these circumstances make you feel like you can’t achieve your goals. Reconnect with the dreams you have for your career and work on a plan to move towards them.

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